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Embrace technology – Up close and personal is the new trend

In his third article of a mini-series for IFA Magazine, Jon Pittham of ClientsFirst considers how planners can harness the power of technology to support the human nature of the financial planning process.

The internet has drastically changed the way we communicate with the consumer, and it continues to change as new technology and platforms are released. Pittham mentions that the digital transformation has led consumers to expect a level of personalised service from pretty much all their service providers, including financial advisers. As a result companies focus on delivering a far more personalised and engaging client experience.

Originally, online marketing involved sending the same mailer to a pool of 2 000 subscribers, but now technology allows us to capture the personal attributes of prospects using artificial intelligence and store them in a CRM system.

“The major benefit is that people are more likely to engage with a piece of marketing if it has been written especially for them. This can then translate into stronger business/client relationships, raising the prospect of retention or of upselling”, Pittham advises.

He further recommends that advisers should structure their online communication around delivering value, not simply information.” It’s the value of the content that prospects and clients receive that will drive more enquiries for financial planners”, he claims.

At the end it about understands your client, tailoring the message to meet his needs and increasing engagement.

SuiteBox, endorsed by Moonstone, is the perfect example of how you can enhance your value proposition in a very personalised manner, saving both you and your client time and money.

Click here to read Pitthams article.

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