Crimes against businesses

– Latest tracker results shows increase

Bryte Insurance has recently released its latest crime-tracker report, for the period July to September 2018. The Q3 2018 Bryte Crime Tracker serves as an indicator of long-term crime trends in South Africa as captured by insurance claims for the period from July to September 2018. According to Bryte, the Tracker measures the annual change, on a quarterly basis, in crime-related claims (due to hijacking, robbery, theft and malicious damage) committed against South African businesses.

Cloud Saungweme, Chief Claims Officer at Bryte was quoted in the media as follows: “Incidents of crime tend to spike ahead of school breaks as people go on holiday and unoccupied buildings are often left vulnerable to attacks by criminals. Business owners need to exercise more caution when making information about their whereabouts publicly available on social media platforms, as oversharing could leave them and their businesses exposed.”

The Bryte Crime Tracker indicated a substantial peak in the total incidents of crime perpetrated against businesses in Q3 2018, noting a sharp acceleration of 30.3% year-on-year, following a 13.5% acceleration in Q2 2018.

Click here to download the Bryte Crime Tracker report.

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