Continuous Professional Development – Proper planning prevents last minute panic

The Fit and Proper Determination requires that certain individuals obtain a specified number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours within a 12-month cycle between 1 June and 31 May. One of the most important aspects of CPD is planning. It’s about not waiting until the last minute before you start accumulating mandatory CPD hours.

Did you know that both Moonstone newsletters have been approved for CPD purposes? This means that, subject to conditions outlined below, you will be able to claim 0.5 hours for Fit and Proper CPD purposes every time you read the Moonstone Monitor or Investment Indicators.

In order to qualify for such recognition, subscribers will have to register for access to an online assessment to enable us to verify that you did, in fact, read and understand the newsletter.

Please click here to read more about registering for the online assessment as well as the cost involved.

Access the “Registration instructions” link on the page to assist you with the registration process.

Click here to access answers to your CPD questions and well as more about how Moonstone can help you to obtain the required CPD hours.

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