Cliché phrases – 9 things people in finance should never say

In a recent FIN24 article Barry Ritholtz shares “9 things people in finance should never say”. He mentions that some of these phrases sound smart, but falls apart upon closer inspection. The article was the consequence of an event that he attended in New York where one of the money managers used one of these clichéd phrases that made him flinch. Have you used any one of these?

Here are some of these phrases, in no particular order:

  1. “This is the next Amazon (or Apple or Google or . . .)”
  2. “But what’s that worth adjusted for inflation?”
  3. “The stock market hates uncertainty”
  4. “The easy money has already been made”
  5. “Without quantitative easing/zero interest rates (etc), markets would tank”
  6. “It’s Uber for _____”
  7. “Virtue signaling”
  8. “How much is that in yen?”
  9. “Homebuyers caused the financial crisis.”

Click here to read ther FIN24 article where Ritholtz shares more about these phrases. Do you use any cliché phrase or are aware of phrases that are used in the South African financial services industry – share it with us.

Oh, and Quantitative easing is the South African version of a term not to be thrown around lightly.

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