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Check your Details at the FSB

On Thursday we reminded readers of the necessity to notify the FSB of any material changes in their licensing conditions. A Moonstone Protector client in Bloemfontein had recently changed auditors, and was concerned that he did not notify the regulator in time.

A search conducted on his information at the FSB, showed that there was no auditor registered. As a sole proprietor, he is of course not obliged to do so, even though he elected to make use of one.

By making use of this facility on the FSB website, any FSP, who submits compliance reports electronically, can verify what is reflected on the FSB website, including your contact information. There are various buttons on this page which allows you to check information like the members/directors/shareholders, representatives, key individuals, auditors, etcetera.

To gain access to this information, log in as you would for submitting your compliance report. Then click on “Query FSP detail”.

It is not a bad idea to check what big brother has on file concerning you. Strange things happen, you know.

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