VeriFi Pro

Springpoint Finance (Pty) Ltd is launching a pioneering service aimed at ultimately bringing the client and the financial advisor together, through an extensive consumer awareness and educational campaign in the printed and electronic media.

Members of the public is anticipated to engage online via (which complies with POPI and CPA standards), giving them insight into their own financial affairs and, very importantly, highlighting the need for a financial needs analysis, with a full report on all the policies they have bought locally from the major life assurers. Policies covered are the ones still in force, as well as those that may have lapsed or matured without the proceeds being claimed. Recent media reports alluded to billions of Rands of unclaimed funds. This service also assists the client to verify that beneficiary appointments are still aligned with their wishes.

By means of the VeriFi Pro FNA allocation system, financial advisors will be put in touch with the great many clients across the country that have lost touch with their brokers due to the new FAIS requirements, or because of the normal turnover of intermediaries in the industry. Then there are, of course, scores of people who never had brokers, or never appreciated the need for one.

Springpoint Finance MD, Alan Ipp, said: “We expect this service to change the traditional way of financial advisors engaging with clients. It is important to note that

1. Springpoint is not in competition with anyone. Policyholders making use of the VeriFi portal are free to use the services of their own financial advisors.

2. Springpoint firmly believes this is a win-win solution for the man in the street, the financial advisor and ultimately also for the life assurers.”

If you are a registered financial advisor with a FSB license number and would like to be part of this Verifi Pro Client FNA allocation system, or require more information, please click here.

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