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We received a very welcome letter of thanks from a training service provider who commended our RE personnel for the excellent service rendered, especially over the last few weeks, to get results to candidates as soon as possible. She also requested more information on what provision is made for candidates with special needs.

Special Needs

  1. The FSB and Examination Bodies are committed to giving all candidates an equal opportunity for all the exams they administer. Provision is made for candidates who are disabled. This may include dyslexic, blind, partially sighted or those with dexterity impediments, or any other health or medical factor which the client feels may impact on their ability to write the exams on an equal footing with other candidates.
  2. If a candidate is disabled or suffers from a condition which he/she believes should be taken into consideration in assessing his/her exam performance, he/she should apply in writing, enclosing medical evidence such as a doctor’s letter. Applications without medical evidence will not be considered.
  3. The application should preferably form part of the candidate`s exam registration. The FSB and Examination Bodies will keep the candidate`s medical evidence on file, but the candidate must submit a written request for provision to be made/consideration to be given before each subsequent exam that he/she writes.

On a practical note, it is advisable to send us a separate e-mail to make us aware of the special need application.

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Daar is slegs een AFRIKAANSE eksamen datum op die oomblik: 30 April 2013.

09h30 – 12h00 (RE1) Sleutelpersoon

14h00 – 16h00 (RE5) Verteenwoordiger

Bogenoemde eksamen vind plaas by al ons hoofsentrums, Kaapstad, Johannesburg, Pretoria en Durban ASOOK in Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth en Polokwane.

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