The demise of Hayibo

One of the sad demises of 2012, was the Hayibo website. Their satirical look at current affairs led to them being described as “South Africa’s second-best source of made-up news, after the SABC”.

I had to be extremely selective in choosing one story from last year to share with readers, as the sketches contain a lot of potentially sensitive content. It was actually not so difficult, given what a lot of out-of-Cape-Towners visiting the mother city would have experienced over the holidays. Those super-cool dudes in designer clothing, looking down over the rims of their chic shades at us lesser mortals.

Cape Town hipsters sweat ironically in post-cool heat wave

In fact, if you missed out on this website, please click on this link containing highlights of the past 5 years. Be warned, though, that some of the skits may be offensive to virtually every citizen of this country.

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