Tax Free Savings Schemes on Investment Indicators

The Moonstone Investment Indicators has, for many years now, been the only really independent source of comparison used by intermediaries when advising clients on annuity and guaranteed rates, as well as Money Market funds.

The introduction of a new investment vehicle, in the form of Tax Free Savings schemes, adds another important arrow to the quiver of advisors, and will form an integral part of a client’s total portfolio.

Tax free savings products will be available from 1 March 2015.

Eligible product providers were prevented from launching and advertising their new range of products as a result of the late publication of the final regulations concerning these products.

We will be publishing a new, separate platform in the Moonstone Investment Indicators for product providers who wish to make product information available to financial advisors. The exact details appearing in the template will be determined in consultation with product providers, but will contain the same information for all to allow fair comparison, and enable clients to make an informed decision.

In addition, each product will contain a link to the relevant product fact sheet, which will allow advisors to share all relevant information directly with clients.

The Moonstone Investment Indicators is distributed to 34 500 subscribers every Monday. We believe that at least half of these recipients have the required licences to advise on tax free savings products.

Unlike the annuity and money market rates currently appearing in the Moonstone Investment Indicators, the tax free savings Indicators will be of a fairly static nature, requiring relatively little adjustment. This means that the cost of placing these products in the publication will be substantially lower than what providers currently pay for the other products.

Interested product providers can contact Paul Kruger for more information to promote their products in Moonstone’s newsletters.

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