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Tribunal case opens whole new can of worms

Since representatives have been given the right to appeal to the Financial Services Tribunal against debarment decisions, many such actions have been set aside by this appeal body. In most of these cases the debarment process was not followed as per the updated Section 14 of the FAIS Act and the debarment was uplifted. However, in […]

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FS Tribunal rules on late withdrawal of appeal

The introduction of the Financial Services Tribunal (FST) created a platform for the reconsideration of decisions by any decision-maker in the financial services sector. With the establishment of the Tribunal the prediction was that there would be an influx of cases to be reconsidered. This prediction is true if we look at the increase in […]

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Tribunal Debarment decisions – Why the increase?

Over the last few months we have seen an increase in debarment cases placed before the Financial Services Tribunal for reconsideration. Why? Has there been an increase in debarments? Has many of these debarments been effected as an injustice to representatives? What changed? A right to appeal A representative now has a right to appeal […]

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