SuraPure Update

The Financial Services Board published a warning against conducting business with a Mr Cornelius Petrus van der Merwe and Invest Daily Profit (IDP) who appears to be acting as a financial services provider, and was taking money from unsuspecting members of the public, stating that he was investing the money on their behalf and promising very high returns.

The FSB confirmed that Van der Merwe and Invest Daily Profit (IDP) are not authorised Financial Services Providers and warned the public to exercise caution when dealing either entity.

Hanna Ziady of Moneyweb published an update on what appears to be a related matter:

“SuraPure Drinks – the micro-retailer found to be a ponzi scheme by the South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) in 2014 – was placed into liquidation late last year, following lengthy investigations that discovered as much as R299 million could be owed to thousands of investors.”

“The Financial Services Board (FSB), meanwhile, recently warned the public against one Cornelius Petrus Van der Merwe and a company called Invest Daily Profit (IDP), which allegedly has 3 000 investors. Aside from sharing the exact same name, both Van der Merwes have Polokwane addresses.”

“Moneyweb has not at this stage been able to confirm whether they are one and the same person…”

In the meantime, it appears that one Walter Weakley has taken command of the IDP ship. A Facebook page, Invest daily profit IDP – The facts, contains some very revealing comments.

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