Smaller does not mean safer

Small businesses are just as susceptible to on-line piracy, phishing scams and identity theft as are the larger firms.

Smaller businesses do not always believe that their key information such as bank data, customer lists, contracts and any other vital information is at risk. The threats to these businesses (and the public in general) are very real, and it is therefore important to obtain and install great security software in order to protect this key data. As a result, it is necessary to create and implement security policies that manage and control what your staff is allowed to download. It is also important to create an awareness of fraud pertaining to social media.

One of the main areas of concern is key logging and it is important that whatever software is installed, includes keystroke logging software.

It is important to choose the correct software to install in order to prevent the cyber-criminals from obtaining data such as user names/passwords, credit card/bank account details and any other identity based or sensitive data entered into a web-based application. A solution such as SentryBay’s Entry Protect prevents identity theft and theft of important data whilst at the same time being completely invisible to the user and as a result no user education is required.

Entry Protect protects both login details and any other personal data that is entered when a user is working with a web based application.

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