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Shambolic Sharks…

In response to feedback on the new layout of our newsletter, we  resume our tongue-in-cheek sport column, and will continue to do so on Thursdays.

The major disappointment from a South African rugby supporter perspective must be the poor performance of the Springbok-laden Sharks team. I asked Tony Calitz, a true blue (or should that be black?) fanatic of the KZN team for his views. This is a censored version:

Dear Paul

The Sharks – well, they are getting everything they deserve right now. Read the article titled Shambolic Sharks are missing Jake in the SA Rugby magazine and you will see why I say that.

I make no bones about being a staunch Jake White AND John Smit fan – you might recall that, when Jake was appointed to the Sharks, I predicted that they might win the S15 that year (2014) – well, they lost in the semi-finals and this report tells the story that explains exactly why they’re under-performing now. When so-called “senior” players can oust their coach because they don’t approve of his disciplinary demands, then you KNOW there will be sommer GROOT (three letter Afrikaans word, starting and ending with a “k”).

Every successful coach has had strict disciplinary standards – starting with Kitch Christie in 1995, Nick Mallet (let’s not talk about Rudolf Straeuli) and definitely Jake White. And – EVERY one of these produced teams that achieved outstanding results. The Sharks NEVER had 2 red cards in a season, let alone 3 in 2 games. They’ve degenerated to become an unruly rabble and their results reflect this. There’s no coming back from this, no matter what punitive measures they take at this stage. The only way out of this mire is for them to apply rules and discipline within their structure that eliminates the unjustified “power” that players seem to wield at King’s Park – these wallies are getting paid a small fortune and are nothing more than employees, no matter what their status is or what they imagine it to be. John Smit and his management team need to take control of this situation – and quickly. The fans are becoming seriously impatient and the gate-money will reflect this.

Probably the best thing that can happen now is for them to be relegated for 2016 and another team (even a poor one like the Kings) given the opportunity to show their talent. This will force the hand of the guys in power quicker than anything else, because sponsors will withdraw and they will have to start selling their players – who will struggle to get contracts elsewhere because the other coaches are definitely NOT fools – hulle sien wat met hierdie ouens aangaan.

So, there you have it, Oom Paul. Go Stormers & Go Bulls – julle spanne weet aan watter kant hulle brood gebotter is!


To a certain extent, the Crusaders are in the same boat as the Sharks. This does not give me any false hope that the All Blacks will be weaker as a result of this, and neither will the Springboks, despite the poor showing by the Sharks.

If Tony is right, then Heyneke Meyer’s discipline will sort them out quickly.

Let’s just hope that the contractual differences between SARU and Frans Steyn, and now also Flip van der Merwe, gets sorted out sooner, rather than later.

Soos Tony, wens ek die Stormers en die Bulls alle voorspoed toe vir die laaste paar wedstryde. Hoe minder Kiwi spanne daar in die uitspeelrondtes is, hoe beter is ons kanse.


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