When can you expect your results?

A number of people expressed unhappiness about the further extension of the final date for successful completion of the level 1 REs for key individuals and reps. Perhaps we should adopt the view taken by my colleague Billy Seyffert:

My perspective is that it is “an extension to pass the exam, not an extension to write the exam”. Dit maak ‘n groot verskil aan wat die FSB hier gedoen het. Hulle sê: Julle ouens wat probeer, ons sal vir julle nog tyd gee. Diegene wat verkies het om nie die geleentheid voor einde Junie te gebruik nie, moet ongelukkig nou maar self die gevolge daarvan dra.


Understandably, candidates are anxious to receive their results, despite the pressure being relieved somewhat with the extension announced last week.

The prescribed time by which examination results must be made available, is 20 working days after the examination was written. We are currently able to provide results, on average, in about eight days. If you have not heard by then, please contact us, as it could mean that your e-mail address is wrong.

Rest assured that we are doing our best to relieve your stress.

Extending Registration Dates

A number of people, on hearing about the extension, immediately phoned to postpone their bookings. We were unable to accede to these requests. Perhaps, if you understand what happens before you arrive at the exam venue, you will understand why the FSB decreed an 11 working day cancellation/postponement rule.

Once a candidate registers and pays for a specific RE, the following process is put in place:

  • An exam paper per candidate is drawn electronically from the question databank held by the FSB
  • These papers are printed and individually scanned for accuracy and completeness
  • At the same time, the number of candidates, booked and paid for, at the different examinations of the requested venue, is confirmed.
  • Satellite venues are pre-booked with deposits paid for 12 months in anticipation of the number of candidates planning to write on this specific date. Our four permanent venues were leased on a four-year contract.
  • The Chief invigilators have to confirm availability of themselves and the number of other invigilators required for the size of the group writing on the date, at the requested time.
  • The exam papers, answer sheets, and all other accompanying documentation, has to be couriered to the Chief Invigilators at locations all over the country.
  • Candidate information has to be verified by the invigilator, and papers received verified to the exams booked for a specific date.

I can assure you that, behind the scenes, it is much more frenetic than this sounds. Knowing that we have 416 “outside” venues, and over 300 part-time invigilators, provides you with some perspective of the scope, and cost, of being a regulatory exam body.

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