Qualifications Deadline

A representative appointed after 1 January 2010 for the first time, and for the specified sub-categories, is required to have an approved qualification as part of the fit and proper requirements. If he does not, he may work under supervision until such time as he obtains one.

The deadline for acquiring such a qualification was the subject of several discussions over the last week. One reader was quite upset when I referred her to Board Notice 260 of 2013 which spells out that a new appointee has 72 weeks, or six years, in which to comply. Her compliance officer, who is employed by a prominent provider, insists that the period is five years.

Another reader wanted to know if this only applied to representatives appointed after 1 January 2014, as BN 260 came into effect from this date.

Apart from the clarity provided in the above Board Notice, reference to this was also made in Board Notice 104 of 2008, which spells out that a representative may not work under supervision for a period exceeding 6 years.

It stands to reason – if you are required to obtain a qualification within five years, why would you work under supervision for another year?

You have six years in which to obtain the qualification – finish and klaar, as a former commissioner of police so clearly put it.

Unfortunately, the regulations make no provision for medical parole.


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