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PWC Economic Crime Survey 2016

We may have lost our top world rankings in a number of sports, but this survey shows that we are more than holding our own when it comes to economic crime. The study, titled “Economic Crime: A South African Pandemic” indicates that:

  • Sixty nine percent of organisations in South Africa report being victims of economic crime, beating France (68%), Kenya and Zambia (both 61%) and Spain and the UK (both 55%) into submission.
  • Thirty two percent have experienced cybercrime. What is of concern is that only 35% of local companies have a cyber incident response plan.
  • Seventy percent of the respondents view local law enforcement as “inadequately resourced” to fight economic crime, leaving the onus to do so on businesses.

Click here to access the survey results. The first three pages contain an excellent summary of the findings.

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