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Licence Profile Changes

Authorised financial service providers are legally required to advise the FSB in the prescribed manner of any changes to their licensing conditions, within 15 days of such changes.

Many FSPs are not aware of what is covered under this requirement, while others tend to procrastinate, and end up not doing it at all.

We publish below a comprehensive list of possible changes, compiled by our licensing division.

If you discover one or more changes that you neglected to inform the regulator about, please click here to download the Moonstone Profile Changes document for more information, including costs and requirements.

This also applies if you are planning certain changes to your business, and wish to find out what it will entail.

  1. Name Changes
  2. Conversion from Pty – CC / CC – Pty
  3. Adding/Removing a Key Individual
  4. Adding a Financial Product (Category) or variation of products
  5. Change of Compliance Officer
  6. Change of Auditor
  7. Adding a Representative
  8. Change of Shareholders, Directors, Members, etc.
  9. Change of any basic information submitted via application for example contact information on the various forms/adding qualifications.
  10. Change to Direct Marketer
  11. Upgrade from a Category I License to a Category II License (Discretionary FSP)
  12. Upgrade from a Category II License to a Category IIA License (Hedge Funds)
  13. Addition of Category IV to Category I

Telephonic enquiries can be addressed to our profile changes specialist, Karin van Wyk at 021 883 8000. E-mail enquiries should be sent to Naseemah.

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