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PAIA Manual Online

We recently advised readers of an extremely good offer (R199 only) to get their Promotion of Access to Information manuals in place. Unless we see yet another extension, the deadline is 31 December 2015. Even if there is a further extension, you may as well get it in place, as it is unlikely to ever go away.

In essence, Access to Info provides an online template to personalise your PAIA manual, submits it to the right authorities, and allows you to make amendments online when changes occur.

Another important reason why you should make use of the recommended service was highlighted by Alan Holton of Access to Info:

The Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPI”) was signed into law on 27th November 2013. The actual commencement date of the Act is still to be determined by the President and published in the Government Gazette. The POPI Act amends certain of the PAIA requirements. Immediately the date of commencement is published, the website and processes will be updated to comply with the amendments to the PAIA and all clients who have compiled their Manuals will receive a notification of the changes and the details of any additional requirements they may have to meet.

A service of this nature, at the price, is an extremely rare occurrence, and should be grasped with both hands. Click on this link to view the website for more details.

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