Obtaining a Full Qualification

I obtained 31 credits in 2009 and now want to study further towards a full qualification. Please advise how I should go about this?

People who were in the industry prior to 2010 had the option of only acquiring a minimum number of credits, dependent on the products they were licensed for.

There is no legal obligation on these people to now convert this into a full qualification, but many are keen to do so in order to improve their skills, and become more “marketable”, should they wish to change jobs.

It is very important for such candidates to ensure that their current credits are analysed to ensure that there is no duplication when they work towards the required full qualification.

Those appointed from 1 January 2010 onwards are, off course, obliged to attain a full qualification while working under supervision.

Moonstone Intellectual Capital, our training division, offers this as part of a package developed to assist candidates in working towards a full qualification.

Our qualifications were specifically designed for those people working in Licence Category B1 and B2 and Short-term Personal and Commercial lines.

We offer two Qualifications:

  1. Students working in Short-term Insurance Personal and Commercial Lines can study towards the FETC: Short Term Insurance 49929 at NQF level 4.
  2. Long-term Insurance subcategories B1 and B2 candidates can study towards the National Certificate: Wealth Management 57917 at NQF level 4.

To find out more, please click on the links above which contains information about the content, cost, and training interventions available to prospective learners.

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