No Nonsense Workshops

We plan to run the first of our “Brass Tacks” workshops in October.

Feedback from readers indicate that they are swamped with invitations to workshops and training sessions. The aim of some of these appear to be to line the pockets of the organisers, rather than to add value to attendees.

Our approach is to add value through “work”. Attendees will be expected to prepare by means of material provided before the workshop. We will provide the expertise and facilitation. You will learn how to apply this knowledge in a practical manner, to the benefit of your practice.

If you judge the value of a course by the opulence of the venue and the fancy catering, this is not for you. We will, by and large, use functional venues, like our regulatory exam centres, to keep cost down.

The first invitations will be sent next week. The workshop will enable affected FSPs to take timely action before new regulations become effective in January 2013.

If there are topics which you feel could add value to your business, please let Shelley know.

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