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NHI White Paper Published

Reports since the publication of this long awaited document certainly contained conflicting reports on what we can expect.

Pam Saxby for Legalbrief Policy Watch notes that that references in the media to proposals ‘scrapping’ tax credits for medical scheme members altogether” may have been misinformed.

“The paper’s chapter on NHI financing acknowledges that these requirements remain ‘uncertain’ and will depend ‘in part’ on public health system improvements and medical scheme regulatory reforms ‘not yet … fully articulated’.”

Media24 points out that the costs used in the White Paper published on Friday are still those published in 2010. This not only does not consider the impact of inflation, but also assumes economic growth of 3.5%, which is totally out of kilter with the current reality.

We hope to publish a comprehensive review of the NHI White Paper soon.

The Department of Health’s website contains a number of informative documents, including the NHI White Paper. Click here to access the page.


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