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New Fit & Proper and the REs

Market indications are that the final Fit and Proper Regulations are due for publication any day now.

These regulations form an important part of the knowledge tested in the Regulatory exams. Changes to the legislation will result in changes to the study material and the questions in all the exams.

Normally, those responsible for maintaining the question data bank are given a time limit of six weeks to two months within which to amend all affected questions. During this time, the study material also has to be amended.

Given the vast number of changes to the Fit & Proper requirements, this will be no easy task.

Those who are of the opinion that they are nearly ready to write the regulatory exams should seriously consider writing before the new regulations affect the exams and study material.

The final date for writing in 2017 is 11 December, with registration closing on 23 November, less than a month from today.


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