New Financial Intelligence Centre Notices

The FIC published two new notices on 25 April:

Notice 1:

“The FIC is in the process of validating the applications of those registrants who have applied for access and to whom the FIC supplied an Org ID. No further action is required from these registrants and they should await a status update email communication from the FIC.”

Registrants who need to file a report with the FIC, but are awaiting approval, must follow the process set out in Notice 1.

Notice 2:

“The FIC informs registered entities, who have submitted a request to be deregistered from the FIC’s registration database, that the deregistration process has been placed on hold during implementation of our new registration and reporting platform.

Kindly note further that the delay in processing deregistration requests will not in any way affect the compliance status of your institution.

The FIC will attend to requests from institutions for deregistration in due course.


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