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Netwealth AdviceTech Research Report

A recent report, designed for the Australian advice industry and technology companies that support it, attempts to sketch the road ahead. As we appear to be heading down the same rocky road, we may as well learn from their experience and expertise.

The inaugural Netwealth AdviceTech research report seeks to paint a picture on how technology is currently being used in the dynamic and evolving advice industry, and provides insights into key areas of focus, must-have, high adoption services, and technologies that are regarded as disruptors, but are not yet being adopted.

This report reflects the importance of both technology and people, and it is clear in this report that advisers, as practitioners, in conjunction with solution providers can create great customer experiences that will broaden the appeal of financial advice.

This inaugural whitepaper is also a ‘line in the sand’ for advice practices, tech providers and Australian consumers.

The report will help you to compare and asses your technology usage to peers, and to drive your business plans and strategy.

For tech providers, this report provides hard data on what technologies advisers like, how they are using them and how they are planning to spend their tech budgets in the future.

And for Australians, this whitepaper is evidence of the work that is being done in the Australian advice industry to deliver greater value and deeper engagement.

Matt Heine, Netwealth Joint Managing Director, notes:

“We hope you enjoy the first Netwealth AdviceTech Research Report and that it will help you in future proofing your business.”

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