Medical Schemes Council Ups the Ante

MSC Circular 59 of 2015 contains proposed amendments to the Medical Schemes Act, including various fee increases.

Regulation 31 deals with the amounts payable to register a medical scheme, to accredit an administrator, managed care organisation and brokers as well as to change the name of a medical scheme. It also states the amounts payable upon the renewal of accreditation of entities. Regulation 32 deals with penalties payable for every day which a failure contemplated in Section 66(3) of the Act continues.

The proposal most likely to impact on our subscribers is a 100% increase in the accreditation or renewal fee per broker to R2 000.

An alert reader commented as follows:

We are accustomed to the R1 000 accreditation or renewal fee required per brokerage and per broker. To increase this to R2 000 is not even close to a CPI increase! How are we supposed to budget for this? I object! We still have all the usual other fees to pay to the FSB and our professional associations etc. This is simply ridiculous. We should object.

Input on the proposals should be made within three months after publication of the proposals on 3 September 2015.

Please click here to download the circular which also contains a link to the actual proposals.

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