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Level 2 Regulatory Examinations

Quite some time ago, Inseta published study material for the level 2 REs on their website. It can be found in the same place as the level one RE study material.

To assist readers, we copied the list of material that is available. The list also shows which guides are still in the process of being updated.

We are unable to keep checking this material for updates, hence our decision not to place the individual guides on our website. To access the relevant registration page on the Inseta website, please click here.

I briefly scanned through three of the guides during the week, and got the impression that the content will certainly add value to advisors’ knowledge of the lines of business on which they advise.

It starts off with the table of contents, followed by the list of applicable qualifying criteria and tasks on which the contents are based. It then proceeds to outline the required knowledge in the various chapters.

Without trying to assess the quality of the content, and not having access to the questions of the different exams in the level 2 REs, I cannot express an opinion. It does; however, appear that candidates will find themselves on much more familiar ground in round 2.

The level 1 exams focused on the FAIS Act and related regulations, which proved to be uncharted waters for most candidates. This led to many observing that the knowledge accumulated added nothing to their ability to service their clients. What they did gain, unknowingly, was the knowledge to be able to service and advise their clients in the prescribed manner.

Whether one applies this newly gained insight in your practice, is a personal choice.

When your son or daughter qualifies for their driver’s licence, it means that they have mastered the basic knowledge and skills required to be a responsible driver, including the theoretical aspects and knowledge of the basic legislation. Without the ability to understand the different road signs, for instance, they would be a liability on the road, would they not? Not only to themselves, but to other road users as well.

In the same vein, those who start preparing for the level 2 REs will be like the farm boys who were able to drive from a very young age. All they have to do, in most instances, is to prove this ability officially, after which they will be allowed to drive legally.

I forgot to add: they will also be able to drive safely on public roads, as they know what the road signs and speed restrictions mean.


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