Key Individual Qualification Requirement

From enquiries we receive it appears that there is much confusion about qualification requirements for the appointment of key individuals.

Much of this stems from the so-called transitional period before 2010 when allowances were made for the experience of people who were in the industry at the time.

There is a special section on the FSB website that addresses issues around qualifications. It sets out the pre- and post-2010 requirements very clearly. The critical determinant, as is often the case, is the applicant’s date of first appointment (DOFA).

Someone who wishes to apply for appointment as key individual after 1 January 2010 has to have a recognised qualification on application.

The following link provides access to the relevant page on the FSB website which also contains details of the recognised qualifications.

Please be patient when accessing the lists of qualifications, as it takes a while to get to where you want to be.

From enquiries we receive it is evident that personal circumstances often create problems for applicants to determine what applies to them. If not sure, please contact Louise Willemse, the Manager of the licensing department at Moonstone. You can phone her on 021 883 8000 or send an email to

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