Inseta Broker Network Update

The Inseta Broker Network provides free membership. Its aim is to assist brokers, and their support staff, with training related matters. I must admit that “eduspeak” often confuses me no end. Hopefully this facility will assist in obtaining clarity, which is what education is about in the first place, not so?

We noted a substantial increase in enquiries from people wanting to join the industry, as well as from experienced people who may have lost their jobs as a result of businesses closing down. Inseta is in the process of providing a facility to assist these people:

Unemployed professionals and support staff, as well as those who completed their internships/ learnerships, but who have not been placed yet, will be able to upload their CVs on the INSETA Network portal.

You, the broker, will then be able to view personal profiles and CVs with the option of possibly employing one or more of the candidates!

To find out more about the Inseta Network, please click on this link. You have nothing to lose, and possibly much to gain.

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