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Identifying yourself Correctly

The professional nature of the regulatory examinations requires one to be officially identified at the venue before writing.

There are three recognised documents which can be used: Your green bar-coded ID document, your driver’s licence or a valid passport. Failure to produce such a document will result in you being refused permission to write the exam. This is simply to ensure that the candidate does not send someone else to write on his or her behalf.

As in all things, there will be exceptions. We received the following enquiry from a reader this morning:

Sadly I was mugged this weekend and my driver’s license / identity book was stolen. However I do have a certified copy of my identity book and can go to the police station with this and do a sworn affidavit – would this be suitable to take along with me to write the exam?

Our RE department confirmed that this would be in order. The affidavit needs to contain full details, including dates. If possible, forward a copy to us before you write. This will enable us to confirm the acceptability thereof, and allow us to to share it with the invigilators concerned. This will prevent them from having to make enquiries when you arrive there.

If you have a related concern, please check with us before your exam date. The invigilators have their hands full, complying with all the standard requirements, and exceptions could lead to delays and frustrations which you do not need when you are about to write your exams.

While on the subject of checking: please ensure that your registration is in line with your requirements, particularly about which exam you are going to write. Candidates sometimes confuse Level 1 with RE 1, and pitch up, expecting to write the RE 5, (representative RE), and is then handed the key individual paper.

There are no “spare” papers, which means you will have to re-register. With just over 6 weeks to the deadline, and a three week “notice” period, that is cutting things very fine.

We believe that there is enough stress around having to write. You can get free peace of mind by confirming your details in writing with us. We love avoiding unpleasant surprises, for you, and for us.

Oh, one last thing. Please make sure that you know where the venue is before you get in your car to go and write. We receive regular panic calls, and asking our staff in Cape Town where Musgrave Road in Durban is, may not be something you want to leave to the last minute.

Especially with changes to street names being as rife as they are, and in Durban in particular.


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