Full Qualification Training

Moonstone’s training division currently offers two “Further Education and Training Certificates” on Level 4 and four qualifications on level 5 and level 6, respectively.

Initially, we focused on helping FSPs obtain the minimum of 30 or 60 credits to become Fit and Proper.

In line with the current Fit and Proper requirements and based on client requirements, we have now redeveloped all our learning material into full qualifications.

Learners can choose between the following options:

  • Wealth Management (SAQA ID 66613 – Level 4)
  • Short Term Insurance (SAQA ID 66610 – Level 4)

The above qualifications were aligned with the qualifying criteria for the level 2 regulatory exams and will be submitted to the FSB for approval of SP status once the level 2 REs are announced. If approved, it will exempt successful candidates from having to write the applicable level 2 regulatory exams, as things currently stand.

In addition to the above, learners can also enrol for the following Certificates:

  • National Certificate: Wealth Management (SAQA ID 66611– Level 5),
  • Higher Certificate: Wealth Management: SAQA ID: 83346 – Level 5),
  • Higher Certificate in Financial Planning (SAQA ID: 66612- Level 6) and the
  • Advance Certificate in Financial Planning: SAQA ID: 83347- Level 6)

These Certificates are not mapped for level 2 RE exemption, but provide excellent training for new appointees who need to learn the trade.

For more information, please contact Albert or Ronel at 021 883 8000.

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