FSB Licencing made Easy

The second part of the DVD of the FSB telematic broadcast of 7 March covered the following topics:

  • Profile changes:
    • Contact details
    • Add/amend.remove Representatives
    • Directors/members.shareholder details
    • Approval/removal of Key Individuals
  • Online Submissions:
    • Handover reports
    • Compliance reports
    • Financial statements
    • Irregularity reports
    • Representative registers

All of this is very relevant to actions many readers may be required to perform in the near future. If you wish to obtain a copy of the DVD, click on the link in the previous article.

Moonstone’s Licencing department offers many years of practical experience to those who need to apply for a new licence, or effect a profile change. We are the only body outside of the FSB able to assist Category II and IIA licence applicants.

Anyone who has gone the DIY route in terms of licencing or profile changes will know that it can be quite a daunting task. You are free to contact Louise Willemse or Naseemah Mullah on 021 883 8000 for advice and assistance.

Corporate clients, as well as existing Moonstone Compliance clients, qualify for a substantial discount. Please discuss your requirements with Louise.

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