FSB Levy Deadline

The annual levies payable to the Regulator is calculated on your position as at 31 August 2012. This is for the period 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013.

Should your information have changed (i.e. reps removed from the register), it is advisable to contact the Registrar to make sure your levy is calculated on the correct data. The FSB warned against a practice of removing reps from the register in order to reduce the levy amount. This could affect the FSPs standing in terms of honesty and integrity, and cost you much more than what you save on the levy.

Please click here to download the Moonstone Levy Calculator to determine your obligation, which is payable by the end of October. Should you not receive an invoice from the FSB, it could mean that your contact details are incorrect. Please do not see this as a valid excuse not to pay the levy.

Should you be considering lapsing your licence, you are still liable for the levy, and need to inform the FSB of your intentions to avoid having to pay again next year.

An article containing a breakdown of how the levies increased since 2008 can be read by clicking here.

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