FIC continues to clamp down on motor dealerships

The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) continues to clamp down on motor vehicle dealers that don’t comply with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act.

Earlier this month, the FIC imposed fines of almost R5 million on seven motor dealerships, and this week the centre announced it has sanctioned two more dealerships:

  • Atlantis Motors (Pty) Ltd was fined R672 526 for failing to report 57 transactions exceeding the cash reporting threshold of R24 999.99.
  • ACS Pre-Owned (Pty) Ltd was fined R255 575 for failing to report 21 transactions exceeding the threshold.

Both dealerships were also reprimanded for failing to register timeously with the FIC and directed to report the unreported transactions.

The centre may impose a maximum penalty of R10 million on a natural person and R50m on a legal person.

The FIC said the sanctions imposed on non-compliant institutions does not imply that they facilitated money laundering or terrorism-funding transactions.

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One Response to FIC continues to clamp down on motor dealerships

  1. Dewdat 31 March 2022 at 5:03 pm #

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