Enough facilities for the end of June?

This subject received wide media coverage over the weekend.

The plain and simple answer to the question is an emphatic “Yes”.

That is, provided that not all unregistered candidates decide to register for the last session on 29 June 2012.

We mentioned before that those who do wait until the last minute to register, and find that there is no space, will not be able to use this as a reason for an extension beyond 30 June 2012. The REs were available from November 2010, and extended by an effective 9 months, if one takes into account the re-write option for those who fail before the end of June.

Something else to consider, is the impact of vast numbers of candidates writing in June.

We are currently able to provide results within a far shorter space of time than the standard of 20 days laid down by the FSB. This allows those who want to re-write to do so while the information they learnt is still fresh in their minds.

We cannot guarantee the same turn-around times when our facilities are stretched to the limit. This could mean delays at a time when you can least afford it.

Let’s assume that a candidate writes on 29 June. He hears on 20 July that he did not pass. He now has to re-register, but there is a three week lead-in time required. This effectively means that he can only write on 10 August, provided there is space. This gets even worse, should he fail a second time. I would rather not make that calculation.

Yes, this is a worst case scenario, but do you really want to expose yourself to such unnecessary pressure? There really is enough of that around as it is, not so?

Please make sure you register as early as you possibly can. It is in your own interest.

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