DOFA Do’s and Do Nots

Vetting the date of first appointment of applicants and appointees is an important part of compliance.

FAIS Newsletter 20, published on 19 May 2016, contains a number of pointers to make life easier for FSPs and the FSB. The article concludes with a handy summary:


  • Send all DOFA related enquiries to and not any other inbox
  • Include the ID number and full names of the individual concerned in either the subject line or body of the e-mail (third party enquiries) together with a signed consent letter.
  • Include your full names and identity number (where you are requesting your own DOFA information)

Do not:

  • Submit a request for an individual’s DOFA record without attaching a signed consent letter
  • Send DOFA requests through to the administrative staff member’s personal inboxes
  • Submit the same DOFA request multiple times – this merely delays the process for others.

An important reminder to compliance officers and key individuals is that the DOFA report, which can be generated via the FAIS online reporting system, provides the DOFA date(s) for all key individuals and representatives of the FSP as well as their RE status.

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