Compulsory Compliance Officer Information Update

The FAIS Registration department at the FSB sent letters to compliance officers and compliance practices in January requesting that all relevant details be updated.

The response, according to the department, was extremely poor, with many letters being returned due to outdated contact details.

If you did not receive this request, it obviously means that there are problems with your contact details at the FSB.

All compliance officers and compliance practices are urgently requested to update/confirm the information required by 30 June 2017.

If no confirmation is received, the compliance officers and/or compliance practices will be viewed as dormant, and will be removed from the register and their access to the on-line portal will be suspended, according to the notice.

The details must be confirmed by accurately completing the Confirmation of CO details document and submitting it to

Enquiries in this regard should also be submitted to this same inbox.


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