Compliance Audits and Appointments


We are happy to confirm two new appointments at Moonstone to assist with the increasing demand for our compliance services.

Jaconette de Beer will bring her vast experience and expertise to the Western Cape.

Geta Hancke gaan kliënte in Gauteng, Limpopo en Mpumalanga bedien.

Ons is werklik bevoorreg om twee sulke ervare voldoeningspesialiste in ons midde te verwelkom.


Compliance assistance is sought by a wide range of entities, ranging from individuals to large corporate entities.

Their need is very often to have an independent, objective overview of their FAIS compliance practices to make sure that they have covered all the bases, and correctly.

Billy Seyffert, Head of Legal and Compliance at Moonstone, explains as follows:

We conduct independent compliance audits in one of two ways:

1. A qualified audit:

In this process we will agree with the FSP on what it is that they require us to audit and we will audit these areas according to relevant regulation and subordinate legislation. We will compile findings, record same and deliver a comprehensive report to the FSP.

Should the FSP wish us to assist with further implementation of identified remedial actions, we attend to this at an agreed fee.

2. A full audit:

In this process we use the Moonstone Compliance Risk Management Plan ® as a standard to which we audit. We will conduct monitoring and sampling according to an agreed sample size with the client and measure compliance with all relevant pieces of legislation and regulations.

We will record findings and make recommendations with regards to remedial actions.

If the client wishes, we will attend to the implementation of remedial actions.

Should the client desire same, we will attend to the drafting of a risk management plan which will address future compliance with the recommendations.

Our fees for this are based on an hourly rate.

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