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Comment on 2013 Draft Compliance Reports

The FSB invited comment on the draft 2013 compliance reports published on their website.

Changes for 2013:
• There are no substantial changes to the content of the reports. Some of the changes include additional questions, deletion of questions and redrafting of existing questions for the sake of clarity. All changes have been highlighted in yellow.
• The “developmental area” column (previously column 4) has been removed. This column was used when the FAIS Act was initially published to allow the FSP time to develop and implement the required policies, processes and procedures. The Registrar is of the opinion that this is no longer applicable, and if the FSP does not have the requirement implemented, it has to state it as “no”.
• Some changes were made to the layout of the reports to improve the experience for the users of the online reporting system.

Please click here to access the relevant page on the FSB website.

Written comments on the draft compliance reports should be addressed to Thiro Moodliyar at by 22 February 2013.

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