Budget Warmup Cocktail

It’s that time of year when everyone is speculating on what will happen on the National 2017/18 National Budget Speech.

I do hope those who predict a VAT increase are as bonkers as I think they are. If that happens the Unions have promised action on a scale that will make the #FeesMustFall protests look like a Sunday afternoon bring and braai. Yes, a VAT increase is the quickest ticket for Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s admission to the Shady Pines retirement village.

And in the world post Brexit and Donald Trump increasing corporate taxes will just leave SA out in the cold.

So National Treasury has to find R28 billion from the personal taxpayer and a range of smaller taxes.

Have a look at the prospects in the video. But beware, it is sponsored by Imodium. I call it: “Pravin Gordan’s lethal cocktail.”

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