Address changes


Drafting this article reminds me of the saying “preaching to the converted”. If you are reading this, then obviously your address on our database is correct.

We do, however, receive many calls every week from people enquiring why we stopped sending them our two newsletters: The Investment Indicators on a Monday and the Moonstone Monitor on Thursdays. There are two main reasons why you may not have received it:

  • Increased internet security either blocks the mail, or dumps it in the junk mail box, or
  • Your address changed, and we are obviously unaware unless you tell us.

We received a call from a subscriber with a company e-mail address who had not received our newsletter since March. Our records show that the mails were diligently delivered to this address, but it appears that all the company addresses were changed in March. One of their staff alerted us to this change, and we are now able to rectify our records. One staff member states that they were told that the two addresses would merge, but in her case, it did not happen.

We are very protective of our 25 000 subscribers, and hate losing even one. If, in future, you should change your address, or want to make use of your private one, please remember to let us know.


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