2015 Levies Published

Board Notice 101 of 2015 contains details of the levies payable by 31 October 2015:

Levy on Category I and IV FSPs:

  • Base amount of R3 391
  • Fee of R542 per KI/Rep

Levy on Category II, IIA and III FSPs:

  • Base amount of R6 832
  • Fee of R542 per KI/Rep
  • 0.0000175073 x value of investments managed (IUM) on behalf of clients on 30 June of the levy year (IUM held in foreign currency must be included at the exchange rate published in the press on that date)

Levy on Category I FSP who only renders financial services only in connection with Long-Term Insurance cat A

  • Base amount of R3 391
  • Fee of R250 per KI/Rep

Ombud Levy

  • Base amount of R835
  • Fee of R318 per KI/Rep

As always, the fee per KI/Rep will be calculated on the number of Key Individuals and Representatives listed on the FSP’s licence on 31 August. Key Individuals that are also listed as Representatives will only be counted once.

My colleague, Paull Lawrence, is busy updating his popular “Levy Calculator”. It will be made available on our website soon.

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