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Moonstone RDR Workshops

The Retail Distribution Review will have a huge impact on the way business is conducted in all sectors of the financial services industry.

We expect two reactions to the proposals: those who dig in their heels and fight it to the bitter end, and those who realise that change is inevitable, and become “early adopters”. The industry has the opportunity to provide input before 2 March 2015. We invite subscribers who want to understand the implications of the proposals on their businesses to join us at a series of workshops where Moonstone Compliance will unpack the 55 RDR proposals. After the workshop, attendees will be in a far better position to align their business practices with the envisaged future.

All workshops are scheduled to start at 10h00 and finish at 12h30, except in Durban where it will be an afternoon session.

Please place a provisional entry in your diary for the applicable date below.

Confirmation of the actual venues and registration will follow as soon as it is finalised:

East London 3 Feb

Port Elizabeth 4 Feb

Johannesburg 10 Feb

Pretoria 11 Feb

Bloemfontein 12 Feb

Cape Town 16 Feb

Durban 18 Feb

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