Industry Origins

In deference of your history of expressions or words in a recent Monitor, the following refers to the noun “brokers”.

Part one
Many, many years ago in a gilded coffee bar in the city of London, two chaps sat around a table, murmuring to one another as they had just convinced three gentleman of corpulent affluence (also known as the Lloyds brothers) to a wager regarding the possible loss of a shipment of the purest cattle-dung compost to the fairest Cape.

One chap remarked: ”Why o why dear fellow, what madness beset us! We shall be broke if it succumbs to the waves!”

The other fellow retorted: “Dear man, pucker up, stiff upper lip now! We cannot be broker than we already are!”

Again and in no sotto voce, his mate responded: ”Broker! Broker! You dare say! Behold, o behold our come-uppance!”

Unbeknownst to them, a still present portly gentleman rose from behind his obscured leather chair and bellowed for all to hear: “Hear ye! Hear ye! Broker they dare say – let it then be so, let them and all who dare lay upon a table such frivolous challenges before the mighty Lloyds brothers henceforth be called upon as brokers!”

And so dear fellows, through all the ages and all across the globe, it stuck to all those who dare to go brokering.

Part two:
Types, nature of the species of homo sapiens’s sub-species homo aliensis found in a specific field of endeavour commonly referred to as “financial advice”.

Homo aliensis subtypes – Officer – a person appointed to command others to do tasks he/she reviles in doing him/herself (especially applicable to a class of officers commonly referred to as compliance officers).

Broker – a dapperly dressed person (can be female or male) who in striding monologues to prospective clients, enthuses about the glowing attributes of an institution with whom he/she had a mighty altercation an hour prior to such monologue.

A client – generally refers to a class of person, human or otherwise, who is feted upon when meeting with the subtype “broker”, thereafter ignored for approximately 11 months and suddenly overwhelmed with passionate compassion in the mating season (also sometimes known as the renewal or lapse season).

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