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Re Update

The final dates for registration for those wishing to write before the end of March are:

  • 13 March for Main Exam Centres
  • 8 March for all other venues in South Africa.
  • 01 March for UK exams. Click here to register

Latest schedule of Dates, Times and Venues:

We understand that these are tense times for those who need to pass, and can assure you that we will do our utmost to make it as peaceful a process as is within our powers.

The FSB did a telematic broadcast on 22 February in which they covered the RE preparation workshopsimilar to the one run by Inseta. There is now a DVD of this FSB workshop available for those who missed it, or those wanting to use it for training purposes for new appointees who still have to write the REs.

We published quite a bit of information on our website to assist candidates. If you would like to see if there is anything which can be of help to you, please click here.

Een kandidaat, wat gister gehoor het dat sy geslaag het, skryf vir my om dankie te sê vir die inligting wat ons in ons nuusbriewe en webtuiste verskaf het. Sy is so opgewonde dat sy sommer wil weet wanneer die vlak 2 eksamens begin dat sy sommer dié ook kan afstof.

Soos hulle in Engels sê: “No news is good news”. Ongelukkig is daar nog geen aankondiging oor wanneer die vlak 2 eksamens gaan begin, en of daar enige verandering aan die formaat of aard daarvan gaan wees nie. Wees verseker dat ons dit dadelik met ons lesers sal deel sodra dit bekikbaar gestel word.

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