Unlock the potential of AI in cybersecurity: webinar on the importance of reducing human cyber risk

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Registration is open for Moonstone School of Business Excellence’s (MBSE) first cybersecurity webinar this month on artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on current cybersecurity controls.

As AI continues to advance, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, with attackers leveraging AI-driven tools to bypass traditional security measures.

Justin Westcott, the chief technology officer of DataGr8, says this has led to an arms race between cyber criminals and security experts, pushing the boundaries of what AI can do. Westcott will present the webinar scheduled for Wednesday 29 November.

“The financial industry in South Africa, like the rest of the world, is undergoing a significant digital transformation. With that transformation comes a multitude of cyber security challenges that we must address to protect our organisations and customers,” he says.

Westcott adds that despite advancements in AI-driven security solutions, human error remains a significant vulnerability in companies’ digital defences. The webinar will focus on AI’s pivotal role in today’s cyber security controls, with an emphasis on the urgent need to reduce human cyber risk. Topics that will be covered include the role of human error and behaviour, and strategies to reduce human cyber risk in the financial industry, particularly in the South African context.

“By understanding the psychological factors that contribute to human error and fostering a security-conscious culture, the risks associated with human behaviour can be minimised,” he says.

Get up to speed on cybersecurity

DataGr8, a South African-based company, provides data-focused technology and services to customers across Africa. Earlier this year, MBSE partnered with DataGr8 to develop a series of cybersecurity courses that provides a comprehensive security awareness training programme to individuals and organisations.

The webinar forms part of MBSE’s series of cybersecurity courses, with content created by DataGR8, available on its online CPD course platform.

Click here to choose an online CPD course that suits your needs.

The cybersecurity series consists of three courses, six newsletters, and two webinars.

The first two courses, “Understanding the Cloud” and “Cyber Leadership and Strategy” are available on the MBSE online platform with “SMMEs’ Approach to Self-assessing Cybersecurity” set to follow in due course.

The six newsletters will equip subscribers with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their personal and business information from cyber threats.

Click here for more information on the newsletters.

Participants have until Monday 27 November to register for the first of the two webinars.

The “AI and the Impact on Current Cybersecurity Controls” retails at R250 and is accredited for 2 CPD points, pending an assessment.

A recording of the webinar will be available to the participants following the live event up until the expiration of the CPD points.

For those who are not able to attend the live event, the webinar will be made available on MBSE’s online CPD course platform at a later date.

Click here to register.

For more information, email help@mbse.ac.za



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