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SARS eFiling deadline – The clock is ticking

The deadline for non-provisional taxpayers to file their tax return is just around the corner. Taxpayers have until 4 December to submit their return and avoid unwanted penalties and interest. SARS recently announced that it will be clamping down on taxpayers who miss the deadline to submit their tax return. “Should the extended electronic filing period […]

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Tax Ombud finds against SARS

In these times of rapidly diminishing action against wrongdoers, it is refreshing to read the Tax Ombud’s findings after an investigation into “…alleged delayed payment of refunds as a systemic and emerging issue.” Taxpayers have over the years been complaining that SARS unduly delays the payment of verified refunds. The complaints reached their peak in […]

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Sixty Years on

This Elton John song came to mind when I read two publications on retirement planning last week: “Who’ll walk me down to church when I’m 60 years of age/When the ragged dog they gave has been ten years in the grave…” The results of Sanlam’s authoritative Retirement Benchmark Survey showed a lot of similarities to […]

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Third Party Disclosures to SARS

We came across this article in the June edition of the Logista newsletter. The 2011 Tax Administration Act indicated that SARS would be looking to third parties, such as banks, medical aids etc, for information to verify your tax submissions. Now they have gazetted what they actually require from these third parties. These third parties […]

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2013 – 2014 Tax Season Opens

When I lived on the West Coast, the first day of the crayfish season was a joyous occasion. Somehow, I do not share the same elation when I read about the opening of the Tax season. It must have something to do with this neologism I came across: Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, […]

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Astute Enquiry regarding Tax Status of FSPs

We received some very emotional correspondence on this issue. The crux of the matter appears to be the wide application by SARS to what it terms a “Personal Service Provider”. The request from Astute explains it as follows: ‘Personal Service Providers’ are specific types of employees in the Income Tax Act no. 58 of 1962 […]

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