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The High Court rules in favour of the NCR – Credit Providers to implement necessary controls

“Banks should obtain permission from consumers before transferring funds from consumers’ accounts to pay amounts due under credit agreements”, Nomsa Motshegare, Chief Executive Officer of the National Credit Regulator (NCR) commented after a High Court ruling in Johannesburg last week. The High Court in Johannesburg ruled in favour of the NCR against Standard Bank that […]

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TransUnion SA Industry Insights Report – More South Africans are relying on credit

The latest TransUnion’s Industry Insights Report found that unsecured credit products, including credit cards and personal loans, which are typically used to fund household expenses and smaller ticket purchases, saw a significant year on year growth in Quarter 1 of 2019: Credit card balances grew by 6.6% Year on year Bank personal loans and non-bank […]

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Credit Insurance – Does it cover the self-employed?

Credit life or credit protection plans are insurance policies that afford cover to consumers of credit to provide assurance that in the event of their death, disability, terminal illness or retrenchment, the outstanding credit or finance charges will be taken care off. A recent FAIS Ombud newsletter discussed credit life policies in more detail. According […]

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