SA versus Sri Lanka: A series of value

Bobby’s Bouncers
Originally we thought that the series against Sri Lanka might be a bit of a doddle and we questioned the value of such a series in terms of preparation for the upcoming season. Well I think it’s fair to say the series win was achieved as we assumed it would be, but the Sri Lankans showed more fight and determination than expected. They quite possibly played far above their potential and deservedly won the 2nd test, and made us bat a second time in the final test all be it for 2 runs…

That loss by the Proteas did more good than a win would have done. My reason for saying this is that it created public and media pressure on individuals and the team as a whole to up their performance to the required level. This alone will add a lot of value when we tour England later this year, as the media pressure on that side of the pond will be immense. England is currently the number 1 test side in the world, and the “Poms” will be talking up their chances and having a go at our established players.

A few suggestions to Cricket South Africa:
1. Get rid of Kingsmead please – the place has bad karma for us! The Proteas never perform well there (they were knocked out of the World Cup in 2003 on this ground and everyone beats them there in Tests . Bulldoze the ground and put up some flats for Gerald Majola and his committee.

2. It might be worth including the Cobras’ keeper , Vilas, in the Proteas squad. It is not necessary for him to play yet but he could learn some valuable lessons from the international scene and being Mark Boucher’s understudy might just do everyone a bit of good.

All hail King Kallis, or as they refer to him on twitter JK150!

Let 2012 commence – good luck everybody!

Paul’s Perspective

King Kallis! #JK150

It was gratifying seeing the old guard reclaim their status and stature amid claims for their demise. Locally, Kallis did a royal two-finger salute to those who wanted to write him off, and on the international scene, Ponting and Mike Hussey did the same. I sometimes think it is more the media who publish these suggestions to create sensation than the knowledgeable cricketing public.

Two players currently under the cosh of the press are Mark Boucher and Sachin Tendulkar.

The latter is in a class of his own, and I have no doubt that he will come good and get the elusive ton soon, hopefully against Australia in the test starting on Friday. Who in their right minds would consider criticising a batsmen who regularly scores in the eighties and nineties?

As fas as Boucher is concerned: for once I agree with Graeme Smith. He drops two catches and everyone is baying for his blood, forgetting some brilliant catches taken just the test before. Like Kallis, he will bounce back. If I had to choose a player to guts out an innings to save my life, Boucher would be on my shortlist.

Lastly – have a look at this awesome catch:

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