Regulatory Examinations – Business as Unusual

Some registered candidates enquired whether the regulatory exams (REs) would be affected by the recent increased measures to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

Regulatory Examinations will continue within the framework of the regulation as published in the Co-Operative Governance Notice 27 June 2021. Please  refer to Art. 21(1) (c); (2) and (5).

Moonstone will continue to comply with the COVID-19 Workplace Health and Safety Directives as issued by the Department of Health.  Examinations will be offered as per the required 50% capacity of the venue to ensure compliance with social distancing, strict screening and admission procedures.

Safety measures and sanitation protocols are strictly enforced at all Moonstone Venues.

We realise that these exams are stressful enough as it is without having concerns about Covid-19. We would like to stress that the safety of our clients and employees remains our first and main priority, and we will do our best to abide by all regulatory prescriptions and guidelines to ensure this.

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