Registration Deadline

The national inclination to defer matters of a less pleasant nature to the very last minute is not unique to our industry, but also not foreign to it. I recall how, in 2004, we received about half the licence applications in the last week before the deadline.

Circular 3 of 2012 which was just released, leaves no room for doubt: there will be no postponement of the regulatory exams.

The final date for at least attempting to pass the exams is 28 June 2012, which is the last Friday of the month.

There is, however, another more important date: the final date for registration.

In order to prepare for the exams, we require 15 working days. This means that, should you wish to write on the very last day available, you have to register by 8 June 2012.

That is 9 weeks from today.

Whilst we understand the anxiety and anger this may cause some readers, we would be failing in our obligation not to give you fair warning.

Please do not delay registration till then.

Those who qualify to re-write after June, must please note that the final date for registering is 6 September in order to write on 28 September.

Please remember that, in order to write after June, you need to have written and failed before the June deadline. If you are obliged to write the key individual and representative exam, you need to have attempted both. You cannot only write one, and if you fail, attempt both after June.

Vasbyt mense. Daar is soveel wat dit al reg gekry het, dat daar geen rede bestaan hoekom jy nie ook kan nie.


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